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The Order of the Publishing of Šiauliai University Special Education Research Centre’s

Research Journal “SPECIAL EDUCATION”

Scientific journal “Special Education” is issued periodically twice per year:
    • The first edition of the year is published in June (the deadline for submission of articles: 1 March).
    • The second edition of the year is published in December (the deadline for submission of articles: 1 October).


Since 2009, supporting the initiative of open access to scientific information and following the requirements of ERIC and THOMSON ISI® data bases, the journal is published in Lithuanian and English, therefore articles must be prepared in proper Lithuanian / English.
The author submits an article to the editorial board in one of the languages indicated above. 
Detailed information regarding submission of articles is available via phone +370 41 595725 or e-mail
Acceptance and correction. Each article is reviewed by one member of the editorial board and one expert appointed by the board. The reviewers are appointed confidentially. The paper accepted for publishing must be corrected by the author in response to reviewers’ and editors’ remarks or the author is asked to send a reasoning letter explaining why the remarks were not regarded. Printed and electronic copies of the corrected article shall be submitted to the editorial board no later than two weeks after receiving the review. Together with a corrected version, the author returns the reviewed manuscript of the article.
Articles for the journal “Special Education” shall be sent via e-mail address
The articles must meet the requirements set for research papers. 
The following shall be sent together with the article to the e-mail address :
•    the warranty statement signed by all authors regarding the work submitted for publication;
•    information about authors (in Lithuanian and English) including the article title, names and surnames of authors, their telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, fields of research interests, scientific degrees and titles, work positions.
If it is impossible to send any of these documents via e-mail or fax, a paper copy of a document shall be sent (an electronic version of the article is necessary) to the following postal address:

Šiauliai University
Special Education Research Centre
P. Višinskio St. 25, LT-76351, Šiauliai, Lithuania

Contact person:
Dr Darius Gerulaitis
Head of Special Education Research Centre
Tel./fax: +370 41 595725

1. General notes

1. Substantiate the importance of the topic as a scientific problem.

2. Formulate  research object and aim.

3. Review previous research on the subject by providing references in the body of the text followed by a list of references at the end of the text. If the paper deals with an experiment conducted by the author, research methodology, data, analysis and results should be presented in a precise and clear way.

4. Present conclusions, reflecting the aim of the research, at the end of the paper.

5. The materials of the paper should be presented in the following order:

  • the title of the paper;
  • the author’s name(s) and surname(s);
  • affiliation(s), postal and e-mail address(es);
  • the annotation of the paper (300–500 characters);
  • key words;
  • the contents of the article;
  • the summary (at least 6.000 characters) in English.

6. Data about the author(s) (not exceeding 500 characters) should be submitted together with the paper:

  • name(s), surname(s);
  • academic degree and title, specifying the area of science;
  • affiliation and address;
  • sphere of research interests.

An article should not exceed 10 A4 pages (the list of references and summary not included).

2. Requirements for the manuscript of the paper to be published in “Special Education”


Papers should be prepared in Microsoft Windows Microsoft Word 6,0 (Windows’ 95–98) Times New Roman.

Page format

The text should be written on a A4 page (210 x 297 mm) with the following margins: top – 20 mm, bottom – 20 mm, left – 20 mm, right – 20 mm.

Information presentation and arrangement in the paper

The beginning of the article should contain the title, the name(s) and surname(s) of the author(s), affiliation and address, and the annotation (300–500 characters). The body of the article is to be presented in two columns. The List of references at the end of the article must be given in alphabetical order and numbered. 



For example:

Author name, surname: Darius Gerulaitis
Scientific degree and title: Doctor of Social Sciences, Associate Professor
Workplace and position: Head of Special Education Research Centre, Faculty of Social Welfare and Disability Studies, Šiauliai University, senior researcher, associate professor of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology.
Author’s research interests: social participation of people with disabilities and their families; parents’ involvement in the child’s (self-) education.
Telephone and e-mail address: +370 650 41507, .


Please send your articles to the following address:

Special Education Research Centre
Šiauliai University
25 P. Višinskio str., LT-76351 Šiauliai

or by e-mail:

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